A not so Wordless Wednesday

So yesterday after the doctor’s appointment where I found out Baby J’s sex, I came home and DJ texted me with baby are you home? I said yes I was, because I don’t text and drive. Its dangerous and we live in a no cell service area on a farm in the back roads of our area. So its no use even trying to text until I get into wifi at home. Thank god for texting apps!

Well he tells me that he called Domestic Relations to see where the hell his court papers were for child support verdict, and instructions and low and behold they had been sending his mail here but its been getting sent back. I also got an email for a magazine I signed up for in his name for a contest and it said it was undeliverable.  So I had to drive to Wyalusing’s post office to figure out why this is happening. He’s lived here for 3 years and never changed his address from this house because we never got around to it, and two we knew his ex couldn’t afford the rent here so we always kept it as an option, no matter how dirty the house was. Which was BAD. I have pictures but I won’t post them until I have more people signed up for subscribers.

So anyways, I had dinner last night and I ended up dumping so bad I had the cold sweats, puking my guts out and was shaky. I ended up falling asleep around 4:30 pm and waking up to talk to DJ. This morning I had a cup of coffee and the shaky feeling is back. I have way to much to do today to let this beat me. So here I am blogging and getting ready to crank Itunes and get this house cleaned up a bit before DJ ends up coming home.

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