The weather man lies.

So for the past week(end) the weather man has promised us snow, lots and lots of snow. I get prepared to be cold, to make a plan to take the dogs outside carefully with all the ice that’s supposed to come … then nothing. On top of it all I’m rather run down so I’ve been either falling asleep on the couch watching Charmed or hauling my Ipad, laptop, phone and self upstairs to lounge in the bed. I do my daily chores in the morning and I get them done rather early then rest for the rest of the day. Not because of laziness or anything like that, but because my body legitimately has had enough and its time for coffee.

So it began to snow today and then poof stopped. Nothing. Well not much of anything really.

Ugh either snow and get it over with or get warm!

I have my first WIC appointment Thursday and I’m hoping they give me the certificates right there so I can use them while I food shop the next day.  I know its better for the baby if I get on a program like this even if I choose to breast feed so that’s why I’m doing it now, while still pregnant.

Last night was one of those nights were I hauled myself and everything else upstairs put the house phone on the charger and zonked out pretty early. Dj had to start driving so he couldn’t text me but when his trainer wanted to stop for food he called me. Yes, it woke me up but it was totally worth it. I know he’s having a hard time being on the road, when he wants so badly to be home with me and the kids. That’s still odd to type. I went from being no body’s Mom to being someone’s step mom and to growing my own little blip too. Instant family? Yes but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Anyway, he is having a really hard time being on the road, and knowing that I’m home alone with the dogs and cat… but more so its the first time in his life where he’s been happy, and where he’s wanted to be home all the time. He’s doing what he has to and for that I am so freaking proud of him. I tell him this too. I also send him good morning texts and good night texts. We are amazing together and don’t need to spend every single day together to be happy and in love.

Its so odd and strange knowing that all my life all I’ve wanted was a family and now I have one I’m so deliciously happy and sated and safe its unreal. I love my life and my family and all those years of saying I didn’t want kids, was just an excuse for my selfish ways and not wanting things to change or for me to have to grow up. Well I’ve grown so much in the past few months… almost 5 wow… next week will mark my half way point in this pregnancy. Squee!

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3 thoughts on “The weather man lies.

  1. Your experience with pregnancy seems to be so amazing. And it’s great that you can still feel the love from your SO even if you two are far apart. 🙂 Wishing the best for you and your family!!

  2. Okay, so I am sorry to hear that you’re disappointed about not having snow yet…if you really want some, I’d be extra glad to box some up and send it to you. I’m seriously sick of it – it’s way too cold to go out and do anything. It makes me extra glad that Internet at home is now open. 🙂 Congratulations on the pregnancy – do you know what you are having? I hope that the WIC appointment went well – I’m pretty sure that you get the certificated at the appointment. 😀 They want you to be healthy and have a healthy baby.

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