My name is Hollie and I have cancer.

Please take a moment to read this, this is not some scam or false charity asking for money. This is the story of my Little Sister Vanessa’s best friend.  Vanessa and I met in Mansfield University and I became her Big Sister in Alpha Sigma Tau and still to this day consider her family. Now I want to help her, help this young woman. If you can’t donate please consider re-posting this to your own blogs. This is truly and eye opening story.

From the words of Hollie’s sister Carrie,

67984_763307429354_1234530065_n On November 7th, 2013, my healthy, vibrant and beautiful sister was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer with liver and bone metastasis. She’s only 29 years old. She had absolutely no signs of anything, until she recently had some abdomen pain checked out and they found this. Her health rapidly plummeted, and she’s currently in critical condition. She was admitted to the hospital on 11/22 because the cancer is very aggressive, and she was battling pain and high tumor fevers. As a result from 1 chemo treatment and many medications, her kidneys took a bad turn. Her kidneys are now barely functioning, she has renal failure, pneumonia, fluid in her lungs and questionable respiratory, and her immune system is extremely weak to fight this. She is currently intubated to help her breathe, but we keep praying and are trying to stay positive that her body is strong enough. This all happened in less than a month. Torture. She is so scared it breaks my heart, and I’d do anything to take this away from her. This doesn’t run in the family, and she doesn’t smoke or drink. If everyone can please help, any little bit is greatly appreciated.  It will go toward medical expenses, living expenses, and any other unforeseen expenses. We are hoping for a successful recovery. She is a fighter, and we are keeping the faith that she will beat this! Thank you so very much.  God bless.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or if anyone would like to donate other than on this site.



This Christmas season, it’s about finding the spirit to give something to someone. Any little bit helps. Even if you’d like to send the family care packages – something as small as cookies, or a card or well wishes. Please by any means e-mail Carrie. I haven’t met Hollie, but I don’t have too. Vanessa has been and always will be someone I trust and the happiness I see in her pictures with Hollie and the sadness I see in her now. It’s heart breaking. 988789_763307169874_1549301306_n 996992_763304879464_48189338_nThis young woman is only a year older than I am. Cancer has a name, it has a face, if you can’t donate then send prayers. If you’d like to donate to a cancer research foundation that’s fine. Anything helps!

Again you can donate to the family here and again here.

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  1. hey. if anyone is interested in donating please click on the word “Carrie” where it says From the words of Hollie’s sister Carrie. That will take you to the website where donations, big or small, are welcome and very much needed. and just to update everyone today the ventilator has been turned off, and the tubes removed… Hollie is doing awesome breathing on her own now that all the fluid has been drained from her lungs.. Also, the doctor said the kidneys have improved for the second straight day. She is still nowhere near being out of the woods but if all these baby steps continue they will add up in the end. Thank you again everyone for the support.

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