Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and omg the food.

_DSC0689  Thanksgiving Dinner… this was a dinner I was so excited to do, on Wednesday as in the day before Thanksgiving Thursday, the day my doctor’s appointment was supposed to be. Then the heavens opened up and down came winter wonderhell. The roads were icy and slick and because we had a Subaru Legacy with shit tires and not good winter weather traction (it hydroplanes in rain.) we had to post pone the dinner until Saturday. I was heart broken. But I made a pumpkin bar to satisfy my new craving for pumpkin flavored things. Which is odd because I hate pumpkin…

Well everyone got here between 11 am and 1 pm and this is everything we had except the deviled eggs and the turkey. Those wouldn’t fit on the table. All 8.5 people got their plates, ate and everyone said it was a very good meal. The left overs is what is keeping us in food until I get my food stamps for the month. Thank god! But anyways we had a pretty awesome day.

The Monday before all of this exciting stuff happened, we talked to my Dad about helping us get a new vehicle because the Subaru wasn’t going to pass PA state inspe1450731_761671607554_142928622_nction again. So we sat down and talked it over, because Dj leaves tomorrow for his new job (bitter sweet.) Well at first we talked it over and it was going to be a loan for the plates, the registration and the car, truck or SUV itself. But after my Dad started to think about it he said to us that this would be MY Christmas/Birthday/Baby Shower gift for the year. I was floored. I didn’t think he’d say that but some how he did. So the Monday before Thanksgiving we went up to New York not far from us and looked at this Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Well as you can see we live on a farm, in the country were we NEED 4 wheel drive. We looked at it, started it up, DJ looked under the hood and we just fell in love with it. So Friday we met the guy in Athens to do the trade off. I was so effing happy to ride home in something besides the green monster. On the back of the Jeep it says “Mudinmyblood” well first thing in the AM with no coffee my nerd brain read it as “MudBlood” I was like OMG that’s so terrible! Then I realized what I had just done.



That night I went to my high school reunion (10 years?!?!!?) and I saw two of my old friends that I reconnected with and added on facebook. I surprised a lot of people with how much weight I’d lost and how good I looked. Oh and did I mention that I was rumored to be the class lesbian? Yeaaaah awkward moment showing up with my fiance and being almost 5 months pregnant. A lot of people just stopped and starred. Not even half the class was there believe it or not. There were a lot of people MIA but with being an adult, having jobs, kids, etc I wasn’t too surprised.

Well Sunday we told Turk that we’d decorate for Christmas. Well his attitude was rather poor and to be honest and flat out, he was being a 10 year old little ass hole because we told him we were decorating as a family and he couldn’t go play outside, or do chores in the barn. So he was kind of bah humbug about things but we managed to get the tree up, the lights up and decorate the DJ all while watching Jeff Dunham’s Very Christmas Special… which DJ and Turk haven’t see.  These are some of the pictures of what we accomplished!







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