What a beautiful end to a good day.

Friday, Dj had gotten a rather nasty e-mail from his ex’s ‘friend’ who decided to butt her nose in where it doesn’t belong. After being told that what goes on with us is none of her business and that she needed to grow up and leave us alone and stop with the childish antics blah blah blah… I got upset because her reply was rather terrible and was very upsetting to me.

Dj ignored it and continued to ignore it and actually got an apology and I thought long and hard about my reaction. Yes it hurt. Yes we both posted on facebook warnings to the fake people in our lives to walk out if they couldn’t accept our baby, our choices and our happiness. But after that I just decided to just stop. To just stop with all the antics and all the negative stuff and decided to give compliments and choose to be happy.

So Saturday I woke up and decided to just be happy. I complimented a few people on facebook that had done something that impressed me or just inspired me. I hugged my dogs. I helped DJ and Turk finish the kitchen getting it cleaned up for Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. Dj was in a good mood too, super lovey and super sweet.

Turk is in the local S.T.A.R.S. program that teaches kids discipline military style so troubled kids have the extra support and extra structure that they may not have at home. Since Turk doesn’t have it with his mother because of her own instability and him acting out at school he was forced into the program. I must say that at first I didn’t agree but seeing him this weekend (last weekend we were so sick we didn’t want to infect Turk.) and seeing how much his attitude has changed really made me rethink the whole program’s outcome. I must say I’m impressed with it.

He had to be at the program yesterday for Community Service at 8 am. We got him there 20 minutes early and we went to the Family Dollar to check out Christmas decorations. We have a tree, lights, but no balls or garland. I want a purple tree and damn it I’m going to get me a purple tree! We had dinner, home made spaghetti with meat sauce and meat balls, home made garlic bread YUM! So after dinner we played monopoly and got the water ready for the gold fishes that Dad gave us. We went to go visit him for awhile and he’s helping us get a Jeep hopefully to replace the car I have no that’s not going to pass inspection again. And we got some food and such that he couldn’t eat or doesn’t like because of diabetes 2. We went to pick up Turk and came home. We got the kitchen cleaned up and after dinner we played Monopoly until it was bed time.

Well Dj and I got Turk to bed, and we jumped into the shower. After we got upstairs we had some ‘adult’ time and after I put my hand on my belly and I felt the baby right above my pelvic bone. Dj was right there and I said to him to give me his hand and he felt the baby too! Well after a minute the baby moved and the bump went away, I didn’t feel the baby move, just knew the bump went away. So Dj started to rub my belly and poke different areas and a few times I felt the baby kick at his fingers were he was applying pressure. There was a few minutes that it felt I had two heart beats. I felt my own but I also felt the fluttery movement down in my belly too. Dj felt the baby kick too. After the baby settled down and stopped moving to where we could feel her (or him) moving Dj put two hands on either side of the bump and leaned down to kiss the baby good night and to have sweet dreams. It melted my heart and I was so over whelmed with joy and pride and sort of disbelief that I was finally going through my own pregnancy myself that I fell asleep a lot happier than I’ve been in a long time. I curled up in Dj’s arms and fell asleep. I love my little family.

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