Dear Baby: Movment at last!

I was laying in bed last night with Daddy and I rubbed my stomach and felt the bump where you laying. November 23, 2013, and I told your Daddy to get over here and give me his hand, it was dark and he put his hand over your bump. He felt you move around so he started to poke you and rub my belly where you were at. I felt you kick him a few times, and felt you move around. It was like a second heart beat. I could feel my own and I could feel your movements like a second heart beat. I just laid there and smiled enjoying the Daddy and baby time. You acted like you knew it was him. He was talking to you and when you got to be less active he leaned over and placed his hands on either side of your bump area- and kissed my belly and told you goodnight. We both still feel like you’re a girl. Mommy’s baby belly has gotten bigger too!

1470315_759528711934_2030606770_n Mommy at times feels like she’s very fat and kinda ugly but your Daddy is so sweet and comforts me. He tells me that I’m beautiful and that I should always feel empowered with being pregnant and that I’m beautiful and so will you! We are starting to get some stuff around for you and researching diapers. Your Aunty Val found a crib set that has owls on it. Mommy has a thing for owls. I apologize in advance!

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