Why have weight loss surgery? I’ll tell you!

16weeks1A lot of people ask why have weight loss surgery? Why can’t you just get off your ass and do it on your own. Well, I’ll tell you:

Sometimes your body just can’t loose the weight and keep it off on your own. Sometimes you just need that extra tool to get yourself going.

I had been on a lot of medication for a lot of years that caused appetite changes, weight gain, and with having chronic pain issues in my family (Fibro) and my personal struggle with asthma, my father having diabetes type 2 I knew that my life was going to get worse before it was going to get better.

Before surgery I was:

  • 345 lbs documented and probably a lot heavier
  • had severe asthma to the point where I didn’t leave my home unless I had an inhaler in hand.
  • had no periods. PCOS had literally halted my period and the weight prevented my body from producing enough hormones to make eggs, let alone lay them to have a period. I was rendered infertile.
  • had sleep apnea and had to have the Darth Vader machine.
  • Hurt all the time.
  • Had chronic head aches and migraines.

Even if I had wanted to have a baby I couldn’t. It wasn’t that I didn’t try. I did. A lot. I lost 83 lbs in 2006 and gained it all back and then some, I’d loose a few pants sizes and would gain it back with new medications. I couldn’t do the work outs I needed to do because I physically could not do it. Depending on what medication they had me on, I could barely stay awake let alone do a full work out. I couldn’t breath to walk, run, lift weights, or even dance. I love to dance. I love Zumba! Before my journey with weight loss I couldn’t do that!

Yes, I struggled with eating the wrong kinds of foods, and the wrong amounts. I love vegis! I love fruit! I’d eat them all the time, but that sweets binge I’d also have, or the Cooler Ranch Doritos with cheesy salsa, or the soda, etc none of that was good for me. I had to re learn how to eat and eat correctly for the RNY gastric bypass. I had to document my food intake, and start to move. At first I would walk around the block with my dog. Then I bought some Just Dance games for the Wii and I began to do the Just Sweat game and I realized I love to dance! I’d go out dancing with friends, I’d go to parks as long as I kept moving my mood was awesome. I didn’t work out I got cranky.

My self esteem was terrible. I hated myself for getting this way and hated how big I’d gotten. I decided to take my life back. I went through the 6 month pre-op process and passed every mile stone and even my pysch eval. I read the books and did the paperwork. After two years of research about this surgery I took action. I had my surgery May 18 2012.

I moved to Michigan in August of that year.

Moved back to PA in November.

I had a few set backs, made some bad choices diet wise. I got lazy but I never stopped trying. I got unlazy, I was always up moving, cleaning or trying. I found the love of my life and we got pregnant the first week we were together.  That second picture? That’s my baby bump taken today. I’m 16 weeks pregnant. My liver is fully healed from the ‘fatty liver’ status, my body began to have a period every month (painful sons of bitches) and it also healed enough to conceive and carry a baby.

Is that enough of a reason to have WLS? YES. Taking back my life was reason enough. Being able to have a baby after two miscarriages? Priceless.

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4 thoughts on “Why have weight loss surgery? I’ll tell you!

  1. It’s your body and only you (and maybe your doctor) knows what is best. Congrats on your progress so far! You have worked hard and deserve all the rewards that comes with WLS.

  2. It’s brave to share your story, I know several people who have had the surgery and kept quiet about it until they started losing and got more comfortable. You should be proud of yourself and you are setting an example for others you may not even know!

  3. A couple of years ago I read a really good quote about weight loss surgery. I forget how it went word for word, but essentially, the woman who wrote it said that gastric bypass surgery provided the physical restraint she needed to regain and keep hold of mental control. This is something that has always stuck with me.

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