Loosing my voice, and not the way you think…

So my voice… I feel in a way its being silenced because instead of actually writing about the things on my mind, I have to silence them because certain people that could find this blog could print out my opinions and use them against my fiance and I. So because of this, I’m looking to keep my voice, but keep it privately. I’m going to be a mother, and I’m a step mother and the protection and care for my child and step child are more important to me than some maniacal rants and opinions.  So I’m asking my readers, if you so choose to register to my blog, so that your comments can be read and approved quicker!

The truth is I’m exhausted. I’m tired of the drama that certain people try to force into my life, into the life of my fiance. I’m tired of people not being an adult and or  butting their noses into business that’s not there’s. I’m tired of people using a child as a pawn to get their way, or to make it their way or no way at all when there’s a court ordered custody agreement on file that said person isn’t following to begin with! So I’m asking you my readers to register. This will put you into a group that is approved for certain posts and your comments will be approved a lot quicker.

I just want to keep certain aspects of my life private, and keep myself sane. I feel like I have to hide 95% of myself and my view points because of what these people are doing.

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2 thoughts on “Loosing my voice, and not the way you think…

    1. LOL I love you Mom! Its more so I feel like I can’t give my opinions or voice my experiences because its not just me I’m worried about. Besides I call you enough.

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