Is it too early to nest?

So tomorrow I’ll be around 16 weeks pregnant, (why the obgyn’s count your last day of the last period you had as day 1 of your pregnancy, given the two week window to your actual conception date is beyond me.) And no, before you ask I haven’t felt the baby move. I’m not gaining weight either, I’m sticking to around 204 lbs but I’m getting a belly, and my boobs are getting bigger too.

This past weekend I kind of went all OCD on the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner. When we moved into this apartment, or well when Dj moved back in and I moved in with him the walls that were supposed to be white, were a tanish beige. The fridge was a white Kenmore that was stained with fly shit and again tannish beige, as was the freezer. So I got out my Awesome and I went to work with my Mr. Clean magic eraser. The walls are now white, the fridge is now white and the freezer is now white. The floors were steam mopped, swept and mopped again. And the dishes were organized and are in the process of getting caught up on since we had to re wash everything.

The stove also got cleaned the table got cleaned off and all of this was done on Friday when I was feeling semi ok. Saturday I woke up in cold sweat not being able to breath, and it got worse as the day went on. Today Dj made me sit down and relax. I drank orange juice and took my vitamins and made sure that I stayed relaxed so I could get better. While I feel a touch better, my breathing is not getting any better.

Yesterday, I couldn’t stop sneezing or coughing- today my nose is clearing up just fine but it feels like there’s an elephant is sitting on my chest BUT its at least getting better. Not as bad as it was yesterday and a whole lot better than it was Thursday and Friday. As much as I grumbled about DJ making me rest instead of being super woman, I’m greatful that he wrapped his arms around me and made me slow down to take some me time.

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