Lazy Sunday is lazy

Last night I called my mom because I sat down to make a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner and the rest of the month, and I am freaking out of course because this is my first ever thanksgiving dinner that I’m making and I wanted to make sure that I had things right.

Well if most of you reading my blog hasn’t figured it out, his son’s nickname is Turkey. Hence Turk for short. He’s the III in the family with the same name, grandfather, father, and grandson so it keep things simple we just call him by his nickname. Well I was asking Mom how the hell you prepare the turkey for seasonings and Dj explains that you put the stick of butter in slices under the skin. Ummm EWWWWWWW I can’t barely touch raw meat let alone play with the skin so I told him he was doing it. We got into a mock argument about asking Turkey the boy about what seasonings he prefers and the look on this kids face was PRICELESS!

So after mom laughing at me a lot, I told her goodbye and we finished watching the Avengers and went to bed. Today? Lazy day with mixed snow and rain fall, sore Karyn is sore and we are watching Warehouse 13 while I try to get DJ to agree to watch Doctor Who. I think I might convinced him. 😀


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