Lots of jumbled up thoughts

Disclaimer: I feel like total crap this morning. My sinuses are killing me, and since its that time of year for me to get my usual upper responsibility infection or bronchitis– I’m worried. I’ve never been pregnant before that lasted longer than the first few weeks. So I’m very scared that my run down feeling of crappiness is going to lead to fever, chills and an ER visit for sure. Which I don’t need, nor want. I just took some extra vitamin C that the OB okeyed thankfully. And I’m washing hands and carrying hand sanitizer for good measure.

Last night something happened that still kind of bothers me. I was up stairs folding cloths and DJ messaged his ex about their son and she refused to tell him anything at all and told him to fuck off more than once. We go to pick him up and there was nothing but a teen age worthy hissy fit and fuck offs when she was wished a good night and asked for verification of timing to drop and pick turk back up so he could see her side of the family that lives 3 hours away. I mean as the mother what example is she setting for her son? I know she lives in a trailer park but to be the stereotypical baby mama trailer trash is a bit much even for me to swallow. The convo has been saved and printed, because she was asked more than three times to tell DJ what was going on, and she refused — because she didn’t get her own way. I’m not allowed in any of the houses we meet to pick him up and as cold as it was yesterday he refused to leave me in a not running car, because we all know my car is a piece of shit, to risk me getting sicker and because she can’t stop running her mouth to anyone that will listen about how DJ still wants her and hangs all over it.. I mean her. So we made a deal to keep the rumors at bay and to keep a united force between us, anything she says to him, gets said to me because I’m his partner now, not her.

So he was pretty pissed off last night, not only because she’s trying to pull the Turk has a problem with me car, which he doesn’t, but she was also told that the only income in this house right now is MY SSI and to stop asking for money because my income doesn’t go to support her, she’s not my family and I’ve supported enough dead beats in my time. So she was fit to be tied. And to be honest I really don’t think we should take Turk to his moms because of how poorly she behaved. She wants to act like a child, then why not treat her like one?

But I’m leaving this up to DJ and while I do voice opinions every so often, the final say is up to him, and its easier for me to let him deal with super cunt then me loosing my temper. I did end up telling him to drive away because she was screaming at him, for no reason except for her foul mood and that it was my car, she’d already run down the gas by making us wait to just drive away. He doesn’t need to sit there and listen to his phsyco ex scream at him when there is no basis for it.

I hate uneducated people. I swear. And I’m not feeling well so the foul mood I’m in is because of that and the stress of being ‘sick’ and not knowing what to do for it. So off we go to drop him off and visit family for a bit. Then we pick him up and call it a day. I’m just praying I don’t end up in the ER. I have my inhaler with me so that should prevent anything major from happening. Now if I could remember my chap stick I’d be doing good.

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  1. *hugs* Take care of yourself and do your best not to get overly stressed about things. Stress is never healthy, especially when you’re pregnant – and it can lower your immune system. 🙁 Hand sanitizer + Vitamin C for the win!

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