Baby Brain… it’s real.

So my ‘normal’ brain fog is getting worse and as DJ pointed out I have the ever loving ‘baby brain’ but its ok because it will pass right? RIGHT? So, anyways, I’m going to start doing daily (hopefully, being on the road is hard.) baby updates.

Mommy’s condition: Nauseated and in pain. My shoulder has subluxed now twice and my hips, lower back, and legs are sore.

TMI Moment: Hmm puking. Puking going down the road or waiting while going into a garage was the most embarrassing. The fact that my intake of ginger ale.

Really nothing much has been going on with me, except the trucks breaking down, getting fixed and breaking. Walking the dogs, going shopping. We ended up getting a strait talk phone to help keep the data on the At&t phone down. I’ve also been really tired. I’ve noticed that eating right, salads, special K shakes, water, ginger ale, fruit… things like that make me feel better and less nauseated. I had a craving for a Big Mac (Bad Karyn I know!) and I took a few bites and I’m already paying for it. Besides the drowsiness that can come with dumping I also have the gas pain and the dizzyness. So in short its gonna be a long night. ER well a long night made short with the blanket I bought today at Walmart. I bought a fuzzy zebra blanket. Its for the house technically but in reality I had the blanket last night and I wouldn’t let DJ have any because it is SMALL and I was COLD so he cuddled up to me and called it a day.

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