Reading, riding, sleeping, repeat

So here I am sitting at yet another truck stop, blogging. This time I have my feet on the dash board with the laptop on my lap and Tiny sitting beside me on the seat. Lately I’ve taken to reading a lot while DJ is driving. Mostly because I’ve hit that stage of pregnancy where my hormones have turned me into, what I feel is a mega bitch. I constantly have to pee, I feel irritable because I’m hungry all the time and nauseated all the time and DJ’s boss is driving us both nuts.

Oh and my love for meat lover’s pizza went out the window when I puked it up violently one morning. Yeah TMI for y’all.

So yeah anyways, besides being super nauseated and super moody and feeling like I’m falling apart, (and rambling to my wonderful fiance who is putting up with me) He bought me Lego Harry Potter 1-4, Spiro for the PS3 (the dawn of the dragons) and Mario DS 64, soups, crackers, ginger ale by the 2 liter bottles, he gets me ice when I ask him too, and is just being awesome. I’ve bitten his head off a few times, but in reality he really is being so amazing and I love him more for it daily. He lets me sleep no questions asked and listens to my ramblings of feeling inadequacy as a woman and as a pregnant lady.

Princess and Tiny are cuddling up together more and more. As much as I didn’t want this dog (Princess) it looks like I’m gonna keep her. She guards the truck, she protects me and the baby, the baby more so because she sits literally in front of my belly button and curls herself around my lower half and growls when DJ leaves the truck and I’m laying down. She’s befriended Tiny which if you know Tiny well, that’s a feat in and of itself because Tiny is old and kind of a bitch. Princess uses her as a pillow and is just like HAI I’m CUTE! LOVE ME! And Tiny just looks at her and sighs.

I’m really depressed that none of my jeans actually FIT me anymore. I went from a size 15/16 (18 in some jeans.In Old Navy jeans I was a size 20) to wearing PJ and yoga pants all the time. I was used to that when I was 300+ lbs I’m down 149 lbs before baby and none of my jeans fit me right. Of course it doesn’t help that I can’t stand having anything remotely tight on my stomach. And DJ still calls me beautiful and gorgeous and still takes an interest in my sexually. Let me tell you that that in and of itself really does help. A LOT. Because if he’d just stopped being interested while I felt so insecure I’d probably loose it.

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3 thoughts on “Reading, riding, sleeping, repeat

  1. I know its depressing when none of you clothes fit you, but just think of it as being a good thing for the bubba 🙂 A lot of people lose a lot of weight at the beginning so its good that you are gaining a little. Embrace the changes pregnancy throws at you the good and the bad, as the outcome is soooo worth it =D

  2. I totally understand the whole pregnancy hormone thing. Ugh, some days I just want to bite everyone’s head off. But hey you are making a human :p.

    I finally moved over to maternity jeans, again ugh, but I keep telling myself I will be more active after my current pregnancy.

    I hope you stat to feel better soon.

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