Home, is where you park the big rig.

Well this week has been interesting to say the least. Dj found out that his ex didn’t reschedule the conference they were both supposed to attend and it put him in a bit of a bind and we had to rush back to PA to fix it. They understood the situation, more so when we let them read the text the ex’s friend sent to DJ about why she refused.. when in reality the reason, aka my pregnancy is none of her concern or business. But yet she choose to get all butt hurt over it and instead of acting like an adult, chooses once again to act like a high school white trash Jerry Springer wannabe. (Bad teeth and all yo!)
Well DJ called his boss and explained the situation and we were in Rochester NY close enough we could have made it home that day, but instead the boss makes him to up to Niagara Falls NY to pick up a load to drop it in Conklin NY which put us a bit closer to home, but we had to wait until the next day. I was beyond pissed because I wanted to see my dog. I wanted to sleep in a larger bed than a twin size truck bed. I wanted to just be on solid ground for a few days. But we did what the boss asked, only to find out after we got home that DJ is supposed to be in contact with his boss daily, even on his days off and was supposed to be back out on the road by now, leaving me at home dealing with this first baby appt all by myself. DJ refused and said he wanted to be there, I’m terrified but he’s excited as all get out. Anyways, DJ explained that we had to stay in town until at least Tuesday, and while boss isn’t happy about this, is going to have to accept it, because no boss should have the right to demand that you have daily contact with them. But that’s just me.
So yesterday DJ spends most of the day trying to get his son, only his cunt bag of an ex never picked up her fucking ipod, because seriously that’s all she has to text him and she doesn’t even fucking know how to use it. I had to show her today the email part of the IPOD and how to get it set up so she could email DJ about what their son needs. WTF. We had wanted to take Turk out to dinner with us but instead we met up with Jeb and Beth totally by accident and hung out with them until the wee hours of the morning. We picked up some food and came home and crashed… after some well needed booty time.
So today we go to pick up Turk and we get some stuff from the trailer into the house and get some help with moving stuffs around because apparently we are going to be a free storage unit for his ex for the time being. I’m gonna talk to him about getting a storage unit and paying for the first month and telling her that her shit is no longer welcome in our home. Period. But we have the big rig parked outside and things are starting to feel like home. We are getting more of our stuff here and washed, we have a long way to go because of how bad she left the house, and yes I have pictures. But That’s besides the point. We are happy, in love and down on less dog…
Yes we inherited the dogs from his marriage, and we are rehoming two of them and one of them went this afternoon. His ex starved this golden retriever and locked him into the bedroom let him piss and shit in the bedroom over and over again and never interacted with him. So we re-homed the dog so the dog could have a chance, because with us being gone so much we couldn’t provide the level of care this neglected animal needed, and because his flipping shit and bitching didn’t deter his ex’s choice in animal abuse, he didn’t want to further punish the dog. So she was re-homed with an older woman who loves the breed and is good with animals in general. So, we are happy with this choice.

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