Life on the Road

Well, being promised all those years ago that I would some how, some way get to go out on the road with my now boyfriend, and getting to see past the Mississippi River… there are some thoughts on my travels.

New Mexico, while beautiful, is a barren waste land that has amazing tacos. Yet there’s no AT&T service and very little in the way of decent fast food except Subway in the truck stop. Let me just say that I really have no clue how Jared lost so much weight on Subway subs because I had them three days in a row the first week I was out and not only are they carb central but I just got plain tired of them. Like I was giving Subway signs the finger as we passed them.
Then there’s the fact that at 11 am you are sweating balls. Literally. We almost melted from the heat.
Texas- Steers, Queers, Rude as Mexicans and HEAT. Although its a beautiful area that’s mostly flat until you hit 83 going towards Laredo (a hub not a city) you get hills, and rattle snakes, and armadillos.. Either way the high light of my days in Texas was that I saw a golden eagle.

Did you know there’s a pyramid in Memphis on the border of the Mississippi river? Yeah me neither. The New York City sky line is beautiful at night from the bridge and don’t even get me started on how much I am in love with Delaware and Maryland! The Bay bridge … omg so beautiful I don’t even care it was a bridge! Seriously, I’m terrified of bridges and this bridge’s view took my breath away.
Showers on the road are a high light. You stop at a truck stop, get your shower and everything is clean, fresh and ready for you. The water is hot and so relaxing you just want to stay in the shower all day. But you can’t. The weather changes are something else to be avoided at all costs. Going from Texas to New England states has caused this lady to get a rather bad case of the sniffles, added to allergies. Yeah not cool.

The people are either super nice or dicks. We’ve scene were people have taken a dump in a bag and thrown it into the parking lot of the truck stop. EWWWWW! Oh and texas smells terrible in some parts because of the oil and gas. But all in all life on the road is pretty awesome. I just wish the truck would stop leaking water inside the truck. Having everything wet all the time is getting on my nerves.

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2 thoughts on “Life on the Road

  1. Wow that’s a lot places! I would love to do something like that but would worry I would find it boring and tedious. You should get a little map and tick off everywhere you have stopped/been 🙂 hope all the traveling doenst make you feel more sick with the little bubba.

  2. I went to see Nsync in the pyramid in Memphis! They used to use it for concerts, but they don’t anymore because they have had too many deaths from people falling from the point (on the inside) to the floor. It a lot bigger than it seems! You’ll have to holler if you’re ever in the KCMO area (I am actually 30 miles east of KCMO!) It would be neat to meet a fellow blogger 🙂

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