30 Day Blog Challenge Day #9

BE Society

Day 9: A picture of the last thing you purchased.

Ummmmm Well crap, I’d have to think about this for a second. I’ve been out on the road now for three weeks? Two? Time is starting to meld together into some weird Timey Wimey wimbly wobbly ball of yard deal… (If you caught that reference you officially rock.)

This is the DVD that we bought to watch while we were on the road, you know at rest stops and truck stations. Anyways, this movie is about a record that is delivered to Heidi from The Lords, and she plays it and starts to relive the Satanic rituals that had gone on in Salem and how the women were trying to get a baby that was the son of Satan… anyways really effed up movie. The record is played and it only effects the women who just stand there in a trance effected by the notes of this twisted tune, and it becomes a driving force towards the end of the film. Pretty good movie for entertainment, not for factual historical events.

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