30 Day BE-society blog challenge Day #7

BE Society

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.


My dream wedding, well that’s sure changed as the years went by. Growing up I was raised in the LDS church, and as a Mormon you were taught that a forever marriage and family were one of your goals as a woman and as a couple and to get married in the temple would be the most important thing on your way to eternal exaltation. I had always wanted to get married in the San Diego temple because the temple itself is such a beautiful building. Its not like the other temples in the states, Salt Lake City and San Diego have to be two of the most unique temples as far as I’m concerned.
However, with growing up and finding my own path I became a practicing Witch and Wiccan, and really wanted to do a hand fasting on Halloween. I wanted to have a costume party for the reception and I wanted a medieval themed dress.
Then I found Pinterest and found a peacock color themes I fell in love with and wanted really bad so my entire wedding was based around the colors of a peacock feather.

Well my boyfriend and I are talking about getting married and this is what we’ve gotten hashed out so far that we both agree is our dream:

Getting married in either spring or fall by a lake, having an out door wedding with an out door reception, or indoor reception. The colors are teal and white and the flowers are roses and lilies, my two favorites. We will write our own vows and plan the wedding according to my beliefs and his interests, since he has no religion he just has an interest in Mythology and the like I figured it would be an eclectic wedding.
At the reception there will be no father daughter dance because my father won’t be invited due to a lot of bad feelings with my step monster. I really doubt he’ll want a mother son dance but we’ll see. Our first dance will be to “I can love you like that” or “Incomplete” By Sisqo. This was the first slow dance we ever had back in high school and he sung it to me while we danced. The reception will be pot luck and there will be alcohol there, and once the meal is done and the photographer has take his or her shots the dance will begin. His son, my step son will be in the wedding and I’m sure the baby will be as well. Family will be there and of course the presents will be opened later on. The cake I want to be made my Cake Boss and instead of a bride and groom on the top of the cake I want a male and female dragon wrapping around the entire cake with the roses and the heads sitting on top of the cake kissing. Or at least forming a heart. I might actually have to check around on the price of something like this. Anyway, when the reception ends we will leave for a honey moon either a cruise or some place with beaches and fun!

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