www.1800packrat.com So my life, as most of you dear readers know, that recently I’ve gone through plenty of moving. First, I moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan, than back to Pennsylvania, then moved in with my ex boyfriend and 8 months later moved right back out again because nothing was working with us and we both knew it.
I don’t ever stay in one place for long and hopefully that will change with this up coming change in my life, but in the past 10 years I have moved because of financial hard ships, not getting along with house mates for family members, or just moving into housing I could better afford because the gas industry is really big in my area and the rent for a 1 bedroom apartment went from $200-250 to $900+.
Let me tell you about my experience moving out of state… it was a nightmare. We took my Dodge Intrepid and filled with with clothing, blankets, and necessities. I lost everything else. Most of my books, dishes, pots and pans etc were left behind. I had no idea that something like 1800PackRat was in existence, and since it was decision that was made with in literally minutes and completed with in days, I didn’t have the time to research it. I regret this daily because, now having moved again and having to start over, literally with only a coffee cup(s) to let me start out and dishes that thankfully someone gave me, but yet no pots or pans… having a mobile storage unit or moving team would have been nice. Hopefully this next move will last until we can put a down payment on a home out of state were we both agree on, just because he (My boyfriend) wants to start his own company some day.
Letting those memories go, those journals in the process of moving was really hard for me, and its something of a regret for me since I’ve been an avid blogger and journal writer since 4th grade (1994) just really bugs me. Don’t make the same mistake that I did, and when you move call a company in your area that will help you. 1800PackRat would be a good place to start!

KARYNNU is receiving compensation for this post, however this opinion and this post is 100% my thoughts, my experiences and my own ideas. None of what is written here has been influenced by said compensation/amount.

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