BE-Society Blog Challenge Day #3

BE Society
Day #3 Your idea of a perfect date. 
I am a very romantic person, and for the longest time my idea of a perfect date was to lay out under the stars and drink strawberry boone’s farm and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and talk.
Then I grew up.
Honestly, my idea of perfect is the imperfections of it all. Take me an amusement park let my hair get messy on a roller coaster, play laser tag with me and watch me eat a corn dog, or chili dog and steal a bite then kiss me and laugh. Take me on the scariest ride just to make sure you can hold my hand and tell me its gonna be ok. Kiss me in the photo booths and don’t be ashamed to walk around with me in the park letting everyone know that I am with you. Stand with me on the bridge over a water ride and kiss me when the ride splashes the bridge. Be silly with me, slow dance with me in the parking lot to some song that reminds you of me. Let me fall asleep on your shoulder as you drive home.

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