September 30 days of pictures Blog Challenge.

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Ok so last month’s blog challenge failed epically for me because I was in the middle of a major shift in my life.  My ex boyfriend and I mutually broke it off because we just no longer worked, and during this time my high school best friend helped to pick up the pieces and offered me a contact of someone who had a trailer I could move into and pay very little in rent/utilities. During this time we reconnected and it was like nothing ever changed and time stood still. We are now together and on the road for his work.  And we are pretty happy. Sure there is some drama with his ex, but we really could care less. We found each other again in the midst of my transition no matter how painful it was, and he helped me get into the new place.
So with that being said, it is now Sept 2, an d here’s my first entry to the 30 Day’s of Picture’s for’s Blog Challenge. I pray that this time around gets a bit better for me. (Today I spilled my coffee, that’s how bad my day is going!)
Day #1 A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was
Ok, I’m literally typing this as I’m riding down the highway  so forgive my lack of newish pictures. This will have to do. So my day so far has been slow. I woke up with the sun.

Only to hit my boyfriend J and ask him what time he’d set for the Screaming Meanie, the alarm clock from hell. Seriously this thing could wake the dead its SO LOUD. And it didn’t go off. Here it was day light outside and there was nothing we could do but have him do his log books while we woke up and my upset stomach passed (eh good luck with that one.) Then we headed out to continue our drive to Maryland. Its a lot of fun on the road, but getting used to living like a gypsy is taking some getting used to that’s for sure. Well we stopped and counted out some change for me to get coffee and it fucking spilled all over the floor. I literally cried. I wanted that coffee so bad.

So now we are back on the road counting down the hours until 1 am when we can go shopping for the month and we can get the much needed  things like a fridge for the truck and a coffee maker because Karyn without coffee doesn’t end well for anyone.





Day #2 A picture of something you ate today.

 Peanut butter seems to be the only food besides Watermelon (fresh from the farm watermelon!) that I can keep down. That doesn’t make me uber sick to my stomach.

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3 thoughts on “September 30 days of pictures Blog Challenge.

  1. omg I would love some peanut butter right no! But we are advised over here not to eat nuts when we are pregnant due to due to risk of baby having allergies 🙁 which sucks as I love peanut butter!

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