How to not become a passive aggressive blogger

Trash Can Blogger’s e-mail where they talked about on people’s status’ on Facebook and how not to take it too personally.


Person A: Karma’s a Bitch

Person B: Karma has no effect on me.

Person A: I’m having a terrible day. Why me?

Person B: Maybe its your karma?

All because Person A way back when posted something person B took offense too because they thought it was about them. Here’s the thing, the same attitude can be taken with blogs as well. You never know what’s going on in a person’s real life to have prompted that person to have written that post. Yet so many bloggers in this community, in that niche will take offense and become suddenly enemies over a post that has nothing to do with the anything the person has really said or done.

Passive aggressive posters are a problem across the online world. Don’t think that you’re innocent just because you’re not posting it to Facebook, because bloggers are just as guilty. Only bloggers have a tendency to get more of a rip off because a lot of the time they are promised monetary amounts of money for PR this or SEO that or graphics this… and then they don’t get paid, they are suddenly shunned, and then the passive aggressive posts start.

Be honest with yourselves, pay up if you need to, and keep it tactful. The only reason I’m posting this because to post this is because its not just about passive aggressive Facebook behavior. It’s about not being an douche on your blogger, twitter, facebook etc.

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