Rain, rain go away!

It’s so frustrating not having a dryer when there is laundry to be done. Although its kind of not the fault of anyone in the house.I had a bunch of cloths given to me because, well I needed pants, the shirts I didn’t need so much but the pants and skirts I did need, especially the pants. SO I need to get on the laundry and get them caught up because they are mine. I’m going to be going through my cloths and more than not putting up clothing for sale or donating them that will more than likely be to big for me by next summer. I was on a very slow weight loss, but I was still shrinking, just not losing much on the scale. Well that is going to change soon because I bought 30 Day Shred, literally. My goal is to be a size 14 by the end of the year. Which isn’t so hard to imagine because I’m in a 15/16 now. I wore a pair of pants yesterday that just said petite no size was on it and they were practically falling off my ass by noon. NOT good. I had no belt on. *sigh*
But anyways, I unpacked my ‘to fit into’ cloths the other day so I can retry them on and go through them and figure out if I can fit into them now, or if I need to repack them. I’m excited that I can fit into more of the cloths that I have packed away, and I’ve also noticed that I need to get a new shaper because the one I have was more for a size 20/22W woman and I’m like a 15/16 so is it really shaping that much? I’m unsure. That and right now its MIA. I really can’t remember where I put it. Which is frustrating, but at the same time is motivating me to get another set. I might actually break down and get fitted for one at an actual store, maybe like Victoria Secret’s and take those measurements to say Target. (Damn you Jenn!) I’m so addicted to that store its not even funny, it also doesn’t help that its the only place that I found my vitamins and the correct shade of cover up.
I also bought a smash book to try to get myself back into my likes and passions. Scrap booking, journaling things like that. I’ve lost so much of myself in this depression and it really scares me because the last time this happened I ended up in such a bad place and making such bad life choices… I just don’t want to go back to that place again. But I’m getting there.
So I didn’t watch America’s Next Top Model for Cycle 19 at all because I kind of thought it was a dumb idea to get rid of the judges I’d grown to love so much and redo the whole Top model way of doing things. But I’m watching it now on Hulu and I’m really liking it. I wasn’t a fan of Victoria. But I do agree with the whole social media and blogging thing can making or breaking a product, or brand. I mean hello! I’m a blogger!
Other than that nothing really has been going on. Just a lot of the same old stuff. Its time to get off here and get some things done. Its stopped raining for the moment so its time to take advantage of that and hang out cloths! Tootdles!

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