30 Days of Me: The Catch Up

30 Days of Me Challenge

Alright guys, I fail epically but I really want to do this challenge so here’s my catch up and hopefully will stay caught up! But I was out of the service area this weekend. Then I went to my Mom’s and just didn’t want to get online. I needed a break from the world for a moment.
So here it is!
Day 03 — Your favorite actor.
Johnny Depp, hands down. I love love love him. He’s so hot but he’s so diverse.
Day 04 — Your favorite book
S.E. Hinton The Outsiders
Day 05 — Something about yourself no one knows
Ehhh I’m pretty much an open book, but my private life shall remain so.
Day 06 — What you wear to bed.
For the most part its either shorts and a t-shirt or tank top or pj pants and a tank top or t-shirt. Sometimes I’ll wear a night dress to bed.
Day 07 — What does your name mean? Why were you named what you were named?
Karyn is Scandinavian for Katherine.
Day 08 — Something you’re currently worrying about.
I have anxiety I worry about everything!

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