Awesome day is awesome.

Today was a fairly decent day considering I have the makings of a head cold and I wanted to sleep in, but instead I forced myself to get up, get out of bed and get myself around and go shopping and I’m so glad I did because I went to Big Lots and found a really cute zebra laptop table for days like today where I don’t wanna move around a lot, but want to be online working on my blog. Lets face it I don’t have the most comfortable desk chair in the world, that’s next on my to-get list. But anyways so I went down there and it was like $20 so I grabbed it and ran out of the store, to make a mad dash to a few other places in the mad search for Calcium Citrate which apparently is damn near impossible to find, but so very important for me to take. But I found it at target and then went to five below where I picked up a haul of nail polish. I swear I’ve become such a junkie of nail polish it’s not funny!

1082160_729286722124_561081304_o This my friends is today’s haul. That blue is a speckled blue and I LOVE it. It’s like a robin’s egg blue. 😀 I’m in love. Anyways I’m sitting here texting a few friends and my internet gives out and I go down and talk to Kate to ask her if her’s crapped the bed, and of course it did and she had me call Verizon and there’s nothing wrong on their end, they aren’t understanding blah blah blah. Anyways. I was talking to them and I see the UPS man pull up and I won’t lie I thought it was something for someone else in the house. But they put it down on the door frame and walked away. I opened the door and picked it up and the label had a privacy cover on it. Odd considering we usually order things from Amazon but I turned it over and it said Karyn. The only thing I’ve ordered was my glasses, but that hadn’t shipped as far as I knew. But I opened it up and sure enough it was my new glasses!

1150599_729337046274_1854609388_o They are white cheetah print which is different from my usual black plastic nerd glasses. I like them. Thoughts?

I have them on now and omg I can see! My prescription has not changed but my other glasses were so beyond trashed thanks to mudbog and a mud fight (My fault.) that I was starting to get head aches from having to strain to see out of them daily. I HAVE to wear glasses everyday or I don’t see.

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