Doctor’s appts oh my!

So yesterday my car’s alternator went, and my awesome boyfriend fixed it, but I had to cancel my counseling appt yesterday which I really did kind of need, but in the end it ended up being okay and today’s doctor’s appointment is to figure out where the hell this random pain is coming from.
I’ve been having gall bladder area type pain and most people that have had the RNY surgery will end up having to have their gall bladders removed with in the first year or two. I’ve been out a year and two months, am down 138 lbs (maybe more my scale is kind of off like that.) and My size 16 jeans are starting to get loose on me. >.< So I'm hoping that I can get some answers about this pain. Next Morning
So I began this blog post yesterday before my doctor’s appointment and then I was rushing to get out of the door and this was pushed to the back burner, well I have time now while working on my blog anyways, to finish.
I have to be in the doctor’s office at 9:15 AM tomorrow for an ultra sound and depending how the ultra sound reads the doctor is pretty confident that my gall bladder will have to be removed. On Friday I have an appointment with the Pdoc to hopefully get some medication or something to help with these extreme mood swings. I go from bawling my eyes out wanting to be held and cuddled to if someone remotely looks at me I want to scream and run away because I hate people. I just wish that I felt better, because right now I feel like rawr and pain and dog poop. Oh well things will look up.

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