It’s a two broken nails kinda day.

So, disclaimer, it is my fault that two of my nails on my left hand broke off. I woke up this morning very anxiety ridden and the house began to piss me off so I decided to play a little experiment, knowing how many dishes a day I personally use and dirty, and about how many on average that I personally cook with.. I cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed, steam mopped (I am in love with that shark steam mop!) and did two loads of dishes by hand as well as a load in the dish washer, that I’m just waiting to see if I’m gonna end up having to wash those as well by hand…

Anyways, the other night I was super frustrated with things and I couldn’t find my nail polish remover pads, and I had like four of those $1 jars of them and they are all gone, but I do change my nail color often enough that they might have been used up, or misplaced and dried up like I found one the other week. So I went on a hunt in the bedroom to find my nail polish remover jar with the sponge inside it and I failed to find it and I began to buff the nail polish off my entire left hand before I happened to look down and see the damn jar. Hence two extremely thin broken nails happened this morning while scrubbing.

And I’m still not done yet. I have a living room and bathroom to finish cleaning too, and I have a feeling I should just cut them all of today and call it good.¬† But all in all I know the cleaning has to be done so instead of procrastinating when I’m kind of bored with being ‘online’ or ‘reading’ on my tablet, I’m going to crank the tunes and just clean. Hopefully it will stay that way if I do daily maintenance and get on people’s asses to clean up after themselves, no matter their age. If the house gets trashed again I’m just going to clean up the bedroom really nice and keep my happy ass up there. I will take the entire work station up there if I have too because I’m so done with cleaning up everyone’s messes over and over again because they can’t or won’t themselves. We are all terrible about it, and I’ve been getting better, but progress has been slow with others. So here’s the battle lines. Getting everyone on board or abandon ship, so to speak.

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