What do you blog about when you can’t find the words?

I’m going through this weird situation and I can’t talk about it because, well, its not my place too… but it has been weighing heavily on my mind and the fear of change is all too real to me at this time. How do I blog and get everything off my chest and risk people being severely mad at me?

The answer? I don’t. At the cost of my own voice I don’t. I keep opinions to myself because I have too. Once things blow over and get more sorted inside my own mind then maybe. But for right now its a no go. I do know that things that are going on to me, seem so unfair, but that’s me. I have counseling today and I’m hoping that helps.

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One thought on “What do you blog about when you can’t find the words?

  1. Blog it anyways. Lock it away under password protection or make it private completely. Or write it in a paper journal. That way you can still write it out but nobody but you will see it.

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