Tests and more tests

I finally gave in and made a doctors appointment to speak with my doctor about the pain I’ve been in so often any more. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not in pain, joint pain deep seeded mind numbing bone pain, on top of waking up with migraines. So I made a doctor’s appointment and he refereed me to an ortho doctor about my knee because of how badly that’s been swelling and acting up and a neurologist for the migraines that I keep waking up to, or waking up from in the middle of the night.The doctor is also drawing blood for inflammation markers, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Basically they are trying to rule out anything and everything that isn’t fibromalgia. My mother has this and since is genetic I’m pretty sure that its been passed along to me just like every other horrid genetic issue our family has.

Today, for the most part, I spent in doors and in bed with an ice pack a face mask and sleeping away the pain of this migraine. I did manage to get a fioricet in my system along with some coffee and lunch, breakfast was out of the question considering how bad it hurt to hold my head up.So I turned on charmed and went to sleep. Once the headache was gone I got the laundry out to the line to hang up the cloths, starting a second load, and came right back up stairs with the dogs to relax and keep the headache gone.

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