Yearly visit with GI

So since my year surgerversy has come and gone its time for me to get my yearly check up. Everything so far is going really well, I’m right where I should be.and I got my levels drawn just to be on the safe side. I’m getting my knee looked at this week soon so hopefully I’ll have some answers on why suddenly its beginning to swell and just be very painful.

Kate and I went to get groceries and stopped at Target which I snapped this picture in the mirror while I was waiting. I’m still loosing which is a good thing and as long as its nice, I go swimming daily. But I can’t really walk/speed walk/dance on this knee and its pissing me off because I want to work out.

Next month my priority is glasses then going to 5 below to get some 5 lb weights to start lifting to tone my upper arms. There are days that I really get down about my weight and I realize that I’m working my ass off literally to lose the weight and how strong I’ve become and up until I had that reminder that almost pissed me off to the point of rage… well it finally sunk in that I deserve better, that I am better than what is handed to me at times.I’m thankful that I’m not that weak little girl any more.

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