Just a dull week(ish)

1048110_719614485364_855602124_o  So this week has been rather dull in the front of  things to do and excitement. My period once again landed me and my girly bits on my ass because of how much pain I was in. Yesterday afternoon the kids were swimming before it began to rain and since I don’t do swimming while on my period I did my nails for the 4th… yay! Not only did I do my nails, but I did my toe nails too, which is pretty awesome that I can do them again after loosing so much weight.

On Monday I sold the laptop my ex gave me (windows xp) and went to the grocery store to get food to last me until I could really go food shopping, and there was a ten for $10 sale on Mueller Greek corner yogurt which is amazing! I haven’t tried the granola one but the almonds are divine!

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and since I’m blogging instead of showering while I wait to make sure payments have gone through for everything…. its going to be one of those two pot of coffee kinda days I can feel it.

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