Happy Period? Yeah ok!

The person who said, “Have a happy period!” should be shot. Really, periods aren’t fun, they are messy they are down right painful unless you have one of those lucky uteruses that don’t betray your body every month.

Its not even the cramps, its the mood swings, the depression, the acne, the feeling ugly, fat and scared… just enough! Its made me want to rip out my internal girl parts and leave the fun canal and burn the rest of it all to ashes. I made an appointment to get my girl bits looked at and to talk it over with my OBGYN about birth control that’s safe for post RNY gastric bypass and my only option is the Mirena. I don’t want kids, I like kids as long as I can send them home but in order for me to do that I have to get a full physical, then if I’m approved, I then have to wait until my next period to install it…. then its just up to it to do its job and hopefully help this pain I go through every month.

I see my counselor today and because we are just starting out its hard to get into the core of my issues with self esteem and the crap from my past, and I’m getting frustrated because I want to get into it already. I know that’s kind of opposite from the usual avoid all the issues at all the costs thing, but enough is enough. I want to be healthy, mentally and physically and I’ve worked my ass off to get there weight wise, and am still working on it, but now I need to get my head back on strait.



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