625672_695012023894_626562709_nLoki was my baby boy. He was fine today, playing and being loveable, cuddling with the dogs as much as the dogs dislike the cat, except Chuggar he seems to be really attached to Loki.

All of a sudden I looked down at him in the door way to Kate’s bedroom and he was shaking and panting and foaming at the mouth, I scooped him up and said to Kate that something was wrong with Loki and I wanted to break down and sob right then and there, because I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that he’d gotten into some sort of poison being an indoor outdoor cat. We tried everything, putting him in cool places, putting wet cloths on him to cool him down and wrapping him up and sitting on the floor with him on my lap sobbing. I knew he wouldn’t last the night, and I kept saying over and over again that he was going to be fine.

He wasn’t fine, he wasn’t even remotely fine. I put him down to try to get water into him and he went into a violent seizure and passed. I curled in on myself and cried, the kids and I said good bye and I see him everywhere. I see him out of the corner of my eye. Chuggar and Tiny even seem to mourn the loss of this precious little cat. He wasn’t even a year yet and so young, but he passed and I can’t bring him back.

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