Update on my So-called Life

Well after the fight with M he came back and everyone was walking on egg shells because he kept promising to change, and work on everything and instead he just became worse. I realize now that him fighting with me became a huge trigger for me, and thus made me just not talk to him. I was silent but civil. I had head phones in, I flat out ignored him talking to me for the first week and went on many a walk with Tiny and Chugger. Cory promised to protect me and he’s been very close but distant all at the same time. I love him to death but there are times that I feel like he’s pulling away…. but that’s all in my head and I damn well know it.

Well last Friday June 21 was Mj’s pay day and of course he came home flinging demands of Kate that she couldn’t do, because of her health or finances, or just didn’t want to do and he kept saying he wanted to go to his fathers. Well he left a barrel of cloths outside on the front porch for three months, and that barrel and everything inside, got burned. The cloths and blankets and hoodies were ruined, and were growing mildew and mildew, mold and spores causes breathing issues, 3/6 people in the home have breathing issues. So they were burned. So Kate suggested that he tag along to the area’s rummage sales, to replace some of the stuff. He and Kate started to fight I threw my head phones on and started doing the laundry that needed to be taken outside and put on the line.

After i heard a few crashes and Kate screaming at MJ to “Walk the fuck away.” I called Cory from the front porch and asked him to come get me because I didn’t want to risk being A) Triggered again, and B) go into a panic attack. So he came to get me and while he was on his way I heard MJ come out of the door and peeked around the cloths while singing along to pandora radio, and saw him hit Kate’s car with a base ball bat. Cory showed up and I got into the car and back to the garage we went. On the way I filled him in and this is after I cleaned part of the living room, tried to get the cloths all in order to be washed and hung out on the line, and checked on the snakes.

Well Kate’s car was following us and Cory pulled over after he noticed and Kate was in tears, she was holding herself like she was stiff and she told Cory that he’d put his hands on HER and that she no longer could have him in the house anymore could Cory, as co owner of their Gram’s house get him the hell out. So we all went to the garage, where we told Kevin our friend what was going on and he and Cory road back in the same car, Kate following him and me bringing up the rear. The plan was to evict MJ from the home and if needed call the police. Well by the time we got back, (with Mj’s car key that Kate managed to grab) he’d gotten into his car some how and left.

So he got kicked out for good. I think what the final straw was, besides him getting physical now with both women in the house, was that he was using Kate’s 8 year old daughter’s Nook Color to watch porn. I found her nook under the couch dead, charged in and when it was charged enough I went through the browser history and showed Kate. I know Mj’s porn addiction so I made good and damn sure that before it was given back to said child that it was CLEAN. And now it is. So anyways he’s no longer here, and will not return ever.

So then Saturday I got up early, grabbed a shower, got dressed and went to the yard sales with Cory’s Mom. I managed to find a $900 camera for $5 because the charger was missing, two Coach bags for $2.47 both of them had the Coach tag on them, as well as a whole bunch of shirts and dresses, and skirts. Jeans were a bit of a bitch to find but that’s ok. I had fun by the end of the day I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and die.

Sunday was a quiet affair filled with watching TV, movies and just being with Cory and family. I’m going to be dragging the cloths into the kitchen to go through them, so we can weed out the ex house mate. The only thing that really saddens me is that there are a lot of things that have gone missing since MJ left, including a rare corn snake that was Paige’s snake, the 8 year old little girl wanted a snake so bad for her birthday and he was alive and well on Friday when I was cleaning… so among another things that are missing we have a little girl that’s heart broken.

I’m still going to counseling, I feel as if I need it more so now than ever, because of just everything that’s been going on. So here we are on the verge of starting over, and making good and damned sure that this time, it sticks.

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