Don’t blame McDonald’s….

This is something that has been bother me for awhile now. The obesity epidemic is a very real thing, a very real disease. However you shouldn’t put all the blame on major fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and the like. When are we as Americans going to take responsibility for our children and blame the parents?

When I was a kid we were a middle class family, my father lost his job when I was in 8th grade and we lived off the LDS church’s food provisions. This meant a lot of canned food including meat, and a lot of food from Aldi’s and Sam’s Club when we could get up there. For every road trip we were bough a huge bag of chips and the 1 liter soda of Diet Pepsi or a candy bar. We then would stop at McDonald’s and as a child 11-13 years old I was getting super sized Big Mac meals.

Don’t blame McDonald’s for children’s obesity. Blame the parents. A child doesn’t know the ins and outs of proper nutrition, nor has the money to spend at these places. Yes a child and throw a hell of a fit but in the end it’s a parents job to parent. The junk food in today’s society is cheaper by far than a good salad. For example a salad at most fast food places are around $5 yet you can get a McDouble for $1.06, groceries at a store to get a healthy diet is far more expensive than just getting premade food.

Then there is my generation of parents. They work, you have to have both parents working sometimes more than one job in certain area’s of the country and children are left with baby sitters, day care and lord knows they don’t teach good nutrition. Parents don’t take the time to cook a meal, or teach their kids how to cook. Most parents buy premade meals for picky eaters sometimes giving in after battle upon battle with their children to eat good food. Supplements are available but again are expensive. Protein shakes are gross I get it, really I do, but I have to drink them to stay alive. I have to get my protein in. A growing child has to get their vitamins too. A daily vitamin should be given as well as good foods. We don’t buy a lot of junk food to keep in the home, but we eat a lot of carbs. For me this is not a good idea because carbs are my down fall and they make my tummy upset. I use flat bread instead of white bread it just sits better.

But irregaurdless of what happens, when we step outside the home, it is up to the parents the providers to say no. I wish my parents would have said no sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t have blown up to 345+ lbs and would resort to surgery as a last chance tool to loose weight. Blame the parents for not joining groups of other parents to get food chains and grocery stores to stop selling a bag of doritos for cheaper than it would cost to make a home made meal. Maybe its up to today’s generation to teach children that junk food isn’t good for you and to ban bad food from being bought, to make meals and freeze them if needed, and to make do with what they have. Plant gardens and keep a year round green house just something to keep their children from succumbing to this disease… but then again this is why I don’t want kids.

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