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So for those of you that are on my Facebook friend’s list you basically know what’s going on. For those of you that aren’t, here’s the deal.

I get paid the 3rd of the month, and I pay all of my bills up front and in full. I have a very tight budget being on SSI so if its more, it throws a kink in the grand design. I logged into my Hostgator account and pay the fee that was stated there. All caught up. Until I got another bill for June that was due June 14th.. um I just made a payment in June and it went through! So I called them and spoke to a very ghetto sounding woman that gave me an attitude until I demanded to speak to a manager because of her attitude when I requested a change in my due date. You see when I set up my domain I made it very clear that I wanted the payment due on the 3-4 of every month. Well that didn’t happen, so she changed the date and I would get a prorated fee from the June 14th due date to the July 4th due date. I understood and that was fine.

Then I get an email that I was being billed $35 extra dollars and that THREE invoices had come in. I only knew about two, the prorated and the regular fee. So Monday I called hostgator and explained what was going on and was told that someone had purcashed a reseller domain IN MY NAME WITH MY INFORMATION and since I had no idea what the domain was, and had to look it up for myself, (BTW its a lame Second Life design website/blogger with a very poorly made up layout.) So I clicked under contact info and sent her a pretty nasty email telling her I would not be paying for her domain and if it was a clerical error she needed to call hostgator herself and get it straitened out because it was cancelled on my account and the info was blocked. I have since changed my password and credit card info and will probably be buying a paypal prepaid card for transactions through them from now on, and that’s IF I don’t end up shopping for a new hosting company. Which I just might do considering that my information was not safe on this company and that someone put a domain’s reseller package on MY payment plan. Yeah no. Not happy!

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