Skunks and dogs really don’t mix.

So the other night Cory and I went out to dinner for a date and when we came home  the dog   went outside and decided to get into a fight with a skunk, that was last Friday and he still stinks pretty bad. Thankfully (heh) my allergies has been stuffing up my nose, until last night when I got the full sniff of him and realized that we needed to do something ASAP. Well of course its raining today and the water in the hose freezing so the poor dog had to sit for a half an hour in the baking soda, shampoo, apple cider vinegar mix, then get hosed down with the hose. I felt so bad for him but it had to be done. Of course he shook all over me so I had to get a shower and get dressed after this, but his chest, which was scrubbed still stinks.

We lit candles and incense to get the house to smell better, and then Kate pointed out a dead bunny that someone killed and brought in, I’m thinking Loki, that I had to throw outside. So I’m soaked to the bone the dog is soaked to the bone and he still stinks. but we have candles lit… and I put cinnamon in the vanilla candle to make the smell prettier.

So yeah the dog smells, to high heavens and is curled up on himself pouting hard core right now and is pretty pissed off at me.

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