Its yard sale season

Kate and I are avid yard sale people and since having gastric bypass yard sales have been my blessing because people are getting rid of really awesome cloths for super cheap. So Kate made calming bottles this is the one that Kate made for me. SO MUCH PINK SPARKLY LOVE! Well after she made those, ran out of supplies we ran to the store to get more and we see a YARD SALE sign and of course we get excited, so we go to the store and head to the yard sale. And there were cloths and I looked around with out actually looking and started to get a bit sad because apparently my fat girl vision set in but Kate soon deterred that with Karyn try this one, Karyn try this one and sure enough I spent $3 for four bags, three of them being cloths and the other one being purses. (Like omg amazing purses.) And I got a winter coat that doesn’t fit now but might by this or next winter, some PJ’s and robe set that don’t fit just yet, but will. I got a robe and some other tank tops, capri’s, and really nice blouses. All in all it was a total score. Kate got a few small things to put into the bags because it was $2 a bag, and she got me a lawn chair that reclines so I can lay out in the sun and tan aka burn to a freaking crisp. She got an antique buggy and a yard hose house and everything was dirt cheap. The lady was so nice that she ended up giving us a hell of a deal and I literally got slippers, cowboy boots and cloths for $3. The outfit I had on yesterday was a dress from 5 Below that cost me $5 the hot pink leggins that I got in the cloths and the flip flops I got for free. I love yard sales.
I didn’t get this hoodie at the yard sale, but when I got paid I bought this on sale at Target for Tiny because I shaved her a bit too short. So she’s my thug puppy. She wasn’t happy. I came down stairs today and Paige was playing with her buggy and she’s got Loki the cat was in the buggy I giggled and took a picture because he was sitting there looking at me like REALLY. Then he snuggled into the buggy and was content to sit there. I got the bright no coffee induced idea to put Tiny in there and she wasn’t happy with me at all. No bueno! She was so scared she was shaking so I picked her up and let her eat her breakfast from my lap and cooed at her. She got over it, ate and hopped down and is now in the living room, most likely hiding amongst the stuffed animals.
I got up and made coffee this morning and I realize now that we were out of regular creamer, so I had to use the french vanilla stuff. Oy the sugar content in that doesn’t suit me well.

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