One year Surgiversy!

A year ago today (May 18th) I was on my way to Geisinger in Danville, starving and scared. I got checked in and of course tested for pregnancy, and after a negative test I was given that god aweful purple gown and the IV and anti anxiety medication and was wheeled into surgery for RNY gastric bypass.

I woke up remembering in a haze that my stomach was no longer big, but very tiny, and I remember ‘dreaming’ about cheeseburgers. I had been on a three week liquid diet so I was pretty hungry to have dreamed about that. I remember going home two days later and laying in bed having tea cups of protein shakes, the breather thing, and of course Sami, John and Mom there helping me.

In this past year I’ve lost 132 lbs I am now a size 16 weight 213 lbs and am the lowest I have been since like 2003 (yet when I graduated I was wearing a size 24 jeans go figure!) I wear medium tops and yesterday I ran.

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