What a difference a year makes

Today, one year ago I was getting ready for my pre-op for gastric bypass. My Father took me down this trip because I was having extensive blood work taken and tests and such so they wanted to have a driver for me. One year ago today I was starving having had to be on a liquid diet for at this point three weeks. Three weeks of nothing but liquids, protein shakes and appletini Crystal Light.

I had just gotten out of personal training and had showered and dressed for the 3 hour ride down.

Now? Well you can look for yourself.

may162013fat  This was that morning a year ago. I was 313 lbs in this picture and I had lost the 32 lbs required to even have the surgery. I was going through a red lipstick phase, Don’t know why I am too pale to pull that off. I was in 32 jeans in this picture and a 4x top

may162013  This is today after doing laundry, and getting ready for my very first ever MudFest! I’m so excited. I am 213 lbs as of this afternoon that’s a 132 lbs weight loss! I’m in a size 16 in this picture and a medium top. I’ve come son far, and I know that I have some left to go, but I’m happy. I have a man that loves me, I am living in the country and I like it that way. I drink my protein shakes every day and I found my collar bones look at that!

I no longer feel the need to hide behind a lot of make up. I tend to go with out make up. Sure I do wear it some times, but there’s no need for me to wear it because for the first time in my life I have found my true beauty in myself. I value myself more now than I ever have.

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