The fashion industry hates fat people.

I remember what it was like not being able to fit into anything but moo moo dresses. You now those ugly unflattering, no form patterned dresses that are cut to cup the boobs because as everyone knows ever fat girl is tall which huge ta-tas. Not this girl at 5’3 and a 6X unless I went to Lane Bryant I had to make do with what I could find in the too big section or the just fit but looks like shit isle.

Old Navy only sells up to a size 18 in store, and guess what those 18’s are most like 16. Fashion Bug when it was still in business did carry up to a size 32 but everything was fashioned sized and like Lane Bryant was also very expensive. Someone on a strict SSI budget couldn’t afford the gas to get to the mall let alone the maybe chance of finding something that fit. All the popular girl cloths didn’t fit, and even the GAP, LEI to DEB’s didn’t carry big girl sizes. Being fat isn’t a beautiful thing. Its one of the hardest things to do and to be so lonely because not only are you finding out the the fashion industry hates your guts, so do most men.

And then a man, the head of A&F the all American clothing chain that every popular kid is wearing, that is way over priced and every Goth and Punk rock kid hates, the ultimate symbol of popularity and bitchy preppy teen movie style cheer leader attitude comes right out and says that they refuse to make sizes above an XL because they don’t want ugly people wearing their brand… this is what’s wrong with today’s world.

Some of us have had to under go weight loss surgery to loose the weight, because of medical reasons that the weight hasn’t come off. Seriously, I’d love to have this douche bag look at my before and after pictures and then tell me that I can’t shop at my size medium t-shirt at his stores. He you know what? I’d say thank you because I don’t want to wear clothing that represent the hate of an ugly human being. But the truth is, they all hate us. They don’t care how depressed we are, or how suicidal, or how we stay at home because nothing fits right, just like they don’t care if once we do lose the weight if we look good in their cloths because, lets face it their cloths aren’t made for the loose skin and melting body of the weight loss surgery crowd.

Am I going to ever spend my money at A&F? No. Unless the fashion industry wakes up and realizes that the average woman is a size 14, then the shops don’t need my money. I’m just as happy going to the dollar store or WalMart or Target to buy off brand clothing that fits. I have no issue sewing my own clothing as well. Which I can. Until the fashion industry takes a step back and realizes that they are the root cause of eating disorders and advertising that shoves the ideal of beauty down the throats of milions of young women across the world, nothing will get better.

In the ancient times a woman with curves, and child barring hips and cushion was considered to be beautiful. The goddess Venus was depicted as a pregnant or fat female and yet we are considered ugly, I know my melting skin isn’t the most lovely to look at, and I know I am not the prettiest female alive, but I have a good heart and would never, ever leave out people just because of their size.

Because sometimes we don’t get to choose how big we get, because of a medical condition, sometimes we don’t get to choose the color of our skin, eyes, hair color or style. It still makes us human, and we should be respected and treated as such, no matter our size.

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