AT&T resolution (hopefully)

So remember how I posted about AT&T here and here? Well after talking to them for a month over, and over, and over again we finally got bumped up to the customer care commitment team were we were told over and over again that it was a phone issue, that it was a micro cell issue, it was this or that.

We got new phones, same model, didn’t work.

We got a new micro cell the phones still didn’t work.

We were at our wits end and were about ready to start making some serious phone calls, when today, Kate got a phone call from AT&T and the woman on the other end asked her to put her micro sim into my phone to see if it was a profile issue, I took Kate’s phone and put my micro sim into it and poof it worked. We hadn’t thought of that before because we were scared it would mess up Kate’s phone. Well that proved right there that the cell phone model was the problem. So we were told we could pick out a new phone. We had several to choose from but we were also advised that because we knew that Kate’s phone worked, we should stick to that model phone.

So tomorrow I am getting a Samsung Galaxy S3! I’m super excited about this because that’s the phone I’d wanted all along, and because of all the trouble that AT&T went through, and admitting at least twice that it was something in their systems and it was their fault, so we are getting new phones free of charge.

So we are hopefully getting the phones tomorrow, MJ is getting a red one and I’m getting the white one so we don’t potentially mix up the phones. Kate has a pick two piece case she’s letting me half because its not her color and it was free.

On another happy note my 1TB hard drive came I ordered so now all my songs, documents, pictures, and such is now safely stored on the hard drive. I’ve already got one computer cleaned out and organized, now just have to get the other one. 🙂




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