I think I over did it.

So I was put on light duty, nothing over 5 lbs, nothing that involves me twisting, bending, and absolutely no laundry carrying. Well yesterday I felt alright, so I went into town and got the stuff i needed for the month, and today I went out too and then came home, did a load of laundry that’s still in wash, did a load of dishes, loaded the dish washer, and decided to try to get dishes around again for round two.

Then I was sitting here and a severe pain starting at the base of my spine, shooting up into my chest and shoulder and makes me gasp and made me bend over as far as I could and this is AFTER Kate explained that I was on light duty for a week and probably longer if the pain was still here. I’m still missing my period and I’m starting to get concerned because its a week late, and I’ve been keeping track with the app on my phone. I don’t want a child, and I certainly don’t want another health issue. I’m suddenly very tired, and the wind literally just went out of me when that pain hit. Now I’m dizzy and really just want to cry because I feel so disrespected at how little help I am getting now that I’m sick. I didn’t expect much but apparently what I did expect was too much.

So here I am with my feet up and everything is just bugging me to put things away and I’m trying to NOT too.

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