Happy Day is Happy

So while I felt like total crap most of the day, I pushed myself to go to Rite Aid  to get my medication and we went to the Family Dollar to pick up body wash, I ended up getting Dial Coconut Water blend and some face stuff because summer=bad break outs. While we were at Family Dollar I REALLY wanted to get maxi dress, only I am waaay to short for them and ended up getting a tube top shirt/skirt kind of thing (you can use it as both from what the tag said.) My gut some how knew that a large would be too big, so I grabbed a medium and threw it on over my cloths and it fit! So I had MJ take a picture before we went out to get the snake habitat kit and mice for the snake’s food.
This is Wilma, my ball python and her knew log hide and bowl. I got the tropical starter kit that comes with an under the tank heater pad and light and she was super happy after we fed her and put her back. She’s in a 10 gallon tank for now, and plan on upgrading later on if needed.
This is her entire tank set up. Simple but she’s happy and she really enjoys herself in it. She was exploring it pretty good and she was so happy to have a hide!
I got my medications and some Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies and was looking throw clearance and found a very dark royal blue sinful color’s nail polish for $0.50 so of course I grabbed it. I am still in pain but I’m very content. 🙂

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