Ongoing AT&T problems

So the hopeful customer care person I spoke with not only closed the case with out a resolution of our phones working with the microcell they called one of the cell phones again with instructions, one of the cell phones that don’t work here. So we never got that message.We officially opened a complaint with the BBB because this is going on a three week issue with this and we’ve had enough. I would not recommend going through AT&T at all or getting the Nokia Lumia. Period. We have been lied to time and time again and the are basically blowing it off of well you live in the middle of no where why do you expect your phone to work there? DUH we have a MICRO CELL to get service here! Simple as that. We have taken the steps to fix this problem and we are flat out tired of this shit. If it were my line alone I would cancel the lines. Now we are getting researched. I’m seriously thinking about getting a T-mobile account and getting a micro cell from there. Or another go phone to have a phone. This is nuts!

I’ve been feeling kind of shitty all day and Cory came up and woke me up asking if I was ok. I was asleep because I got hit with such a bad headache. He asked if the chili I made was ok for dinner for me because they wanted Spanish Rice. My reply? Absolutely! I love chili! I made it for this reason! Rice and my stomach pouch really just don’t mix. Which is odd because I can drink rice milk and eat sugar free rice pudding but actual rice pudding? Nope does not compute!

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