Snakes and Chinese Water Dragons and Pissed off boyfriends oh my!

Its birthday time around here. Kate’s birthday falls right after the sproglets birthday is like the day before. So we got birthday presents yesterday because we were given one present and because its alive we couldn’t wait to get the presents set up. So Kate went to get the snake for Paige. Meet Julius. A bright orange corn snake that needed a home badly. His previous owner went to jail and the snake was with out care for around 6 months. The snakes usually go into hibernation mode in the winter were they will refuse to eat, but still! No one came to claim this guy so the landlord told the next door neighbors to re home it. Enter us.

paige So Paige got a snake and of course its sitting in the kitchen right above Wilma who is enjoying her space heater. I am going to get her a kit from PetSmart to make sure she is happy and healthy. She just shedding now so by the time I get paid she will have to eat. I held her last night long enough to get her some water, since she needs a new water dish that will also be bought for her too. Anyways, Dylan wanted a bearded dragon at first, because the leopard gecko sleeps during the day the adults decided that wasn’t for him, he’d loose interest quickly. So we went into the local now conglomerate owned pet store and they had adult bearded dragons. I recognized them as the lizards from Holes that movie that came out years ago. The yellow spotted lizards? Yeah those. Dylan took one look at them and said no way. Then he wanted a hamster. We have three cats, three dogs and three snakes, and a rat and you think that a hamster would survive here? Nope. They don’t have the life spans for them. So I went over to look at the baby snakes and there was a pink corn snake, I was going to buy it when I got paid but then Cory wasn’t pleased with us when we got home. He was pissed at the reptiles. He hates snakes. HATES them. Anyway Dylan saw the Chinese water dragon and decided he wanted one of those. So we got the tanks for the snakes, we got the tank for the chinese water dragon and we came home. One the way home we asked Dylan what his snakes name was and he replied Toothless. I giggled and said, I loved that movie! Then we kept saying ‘Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile.’ and everyone was generally happy.

Cory made goolash for dinner which was awesome, and then we went up to bed. He didn’t say much to me except I hate snakes. But look at her face? Who’d say no to that? Anyways, so I thought he’d be mad at me for a lot longer but I promised him that I wouldn’t bring home another snake and he said ok that’s fine. And we ended up snuggling up until we both fell asleep. I was going to read in my book for a bit but that didn’t work. By the time we were done shopping I was so sore and so tired. It was unreal how much pain my legs were in. So sleepy time was more than welcome. I did forget to my phone on the charger and it was beyond dead this morning.

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