Bad Day is very bad

So today I go into town with Kate for her doctor’s appointment, after taking MJ to work and fighting a very, very bad headache,  and we have to go to Wal-mart to get kitty supplies and laundry soap because the GAIN Apple Mango Tango that I adore so much not only can I not use that but neither can anyone else at this point because it is making everyone very itchy. So we take my car down because Kate’s car is at the shop and we lock the doors, its a city and its better to be careful rather than careless. Go in do our shopping and knowing that we are running late, we (I) run out and try to unlock the car. Only it doesn’t unlock.. the only key we have to start the car breaks in half in my hand. I called Triple A and was told that if I didn’t have the towing fee of $40 I couldn’t get it towed to the nearest AAA approved garage, (this is after I tell them that my boyfriend is a mechanic and can get someone to haul the car for gas money.) and that they can get the car unlocked but there’s a chance because I’m a basic member that the guy they send out is going to demand money. Ok we are two stranded females, one of them is having heart issues and you’re not going to help us? What the fuck!

So we go in and buy a rifle cleaner and we begin to get the car unlocked at least from the back of the car, so I can crawl into the car and unlock all of the car. So this gentleman stops and asks us were the keys are at and we said that the key broke in half, he pops his trunk and gets a coat hanger and unlocks our doors. We thank him again and again and get a ride to a lock smith that specializes in broken car keys. I take my registration, title and all of it into the purse with me and off we go to get an estimated key of $5. He looked at the key, got the key code he needed and because my car is a Subaru it was $20 instead of $5. So I now owe Kate, bless her heart, $20 when I get paid. So we start the car up get it home and we come back into service and I have 4 voice messages and one of them is from AT&T about the ongoing phone issues that we are having. So I get on the phone with at&t and argue with them again not holding my breath about the micro cell or the service being restored. But I have also decided that because of how much the deductible was for this phone that the new phone is going back and I’m probably going to end up selling the blue phone putting the $125 that was going to be paid towards the deductible with the sale price of the phone and just go get a new phone for my line. Either that or tellthem to send a plain old SIM card for the andriod slider phone I have upstairs that I could just put onto the account given a new sim card. Just to save up for a new phone later. Either way this isn’t ok. So we are getting a phone call back after 5:00 P.M. today to go over what we need to do and to see what can be done and what we have to do to find the glitch. I am not very hopeful about this but its getting somewhere once we exhaust all our options they are going to give us new options and if one of them isn’t a new model phone I am going to flip out.

So its been a pretty shitty day all in all. I’m so frustrated I want to cry and until MJ gets the cloths put away that belong to him, the kids and kate (that’s part of his chores, we split up all the chores to be fair to the kids and to lead by example.) I have no empty baskets to put cloths away in. Which is stressing me out because I am just about caught up with laundry from the epic fail that is our dryer blowing up, and now I’m going to get stuck washing already clean, but they were on the floor so I refuse to wear them cloths. Which means more work for me. I fold up mine and Cory’s cloths because we do our wash seperately mine because of my allergic reactions and his because of him working around grease all day. So we do it one basket full at a time, take it out hang it up and fold it up and take it upstairs to put away. Its easier to do this because they are already seperated why mix them up?

Anyways, so here we are back home again, and I’m sitting here waiting to go get MJ from work so we can get his car fixed and just blargh!

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