At&t phone issues

So two weeks ago I got a Nokia Lumia 900 to replace my Iphone 4s because I no longer wanted an Iphone anymore. I can’t really explain it except that the phone just isn’t for me right now. Anyways, I came home having put the SIM card in it and got on the live chat with AT&T to switch the IMEI and SIM card numbers for mine and Mj’s phone because he wanted the black phone instead of his blue phone. Both of the were Nokia Lumia 900 phones. The blue phone was upgraded in JANUARY. We made the switch the numbers were verified and poof we have no service. This has been an ongoing issue for two weeks. We got a week’s worth of credit on the account and was over nighted one SIM card and UPS service was supposed to deliver the other SIM yesterday, only it never came. Yesterday morning I got on the phone with AT&T and begged them to send new phones. Only the deductible on the phones were $125 a piece. So we just said we would arrange it and would some how get it paid for and said yes to send new phones. They didn’t have the blue phone and were going to send two black ones. I said that was unacceptable we wanted two different colored phones. They said they had white and black and I said that was fine to send the white to my phone number and the black to his phone number and to send two new sim chips inside. They did that. They came today around noon. However when we called to have them activated they wouldn’t work. So I asked after being on the phone with no progress except to be sent a brand new over night SIM card which obviously didn’t work in the first place, and I interrupted him of the really hard to understand accent and was transferred over the a manager.

He began to look into the account and our Micro Cell is on Kate’s phone number but not mine or Mj’s and he thinks that could be the problem, this is after he refused to let us trade in the newly sent phones for something we new would work, and said that we could go ahead and upgrade but we’d have to pay for the phones out right. Fine, great whatever, we can’t afford to pay for another smart phone out right brand new and at this point even if we traded the phones or sold them we aren’t guaranteed that the cell phones would work on our Micro Cell.

They opened a case for it and I’m unsure if they can get the original blue phone working if I want to stick with that phone that is not under warantee or stick with the white phone that IS under warantee and just pay the $125 deductible fee.Which I can afford. Either way we’ve had a nightmare of two weeks with AT&T because this is not our mistake, some one on their end somewhere messed up bad, and instead of admitting to their mistake(s) and replacing a phone of equal value with the phones that do not work with AT&T’s Micro Cell we are stuck once again with non-working phones. So right now at my phone is a mini tablet of window’s variety because this phone will not call out in the house. I totally get that we are in the middle of no where but we pay for services, we pay for the Micro Cell and we paid for the phones and now? Well now they don’t work. Do I wish I hadn’t traded the phone? Yup. But at the same time if the Micro Cell was going to eff up it would have done it irregardless of whom switched phones.  So now we are left frustrated and with no solid resolution of the phones.


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