The one with the busy as hell weekend.

This past weekend was filled with birthday parties for family members, cleaning and reorganizing, and of course laundry. I spend most of the weekend doing laundry, hanging it out to dry and of course scrambling around trying to do the best with what I had going for me. I weighed myself and I’m down to 219 lbs which is my lowest point so far. I felt really terrible the past few days about my weight, the loose skin and the the fact that I’m having problems pooping (TMI I know) and that is making me bloated and puffy. The fact that I have zero summer cloths that fit. I have on pair of capri’s that say a size 18 but are more like a 14/15. So I have no summer cloths, no shorts, no dresses. I had a head start last year thanks to Angie, my best friend’s sister. I am very far from those sizes however and 19lbs to ONEderland.

Yesterday during the birthday party I stayed home because screaming children are just not my thing when I am suffering from a TMJ induced headache. While the house was empty of people except for myself I decided to don a tight sports bra and roll up my loose fitting yoga pants and throw in Tae Bo Total Body Fat Blaster Cardio Work out. I did the entire work out which was an hour long and I managed to not stop! I was so proud of myself that I rewarded myself with kettle corn today. (Yesterday thanks to certain attention to my boyfriend I consumed 470g of protein according to myfitnesspal’s database.)

Cory came home last night and we spent the night together just spending time together. Friday when he came home he came home late and I was already asleep and he just wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek holding me. I am beyond thankful for him in my life its really not funny.

The ongoing phone issues are still going on and Monday (tomorrow) I am going to give at&t hell for making us go through this. Not only did they not ship both sim cards over night but the phone has the newly shipped sim card still doesn’t work. Its not a MicroCell issue so its gotta be a phone issue. So we have insurance on the phone lines so we are going to flat out demand new phones. Kate got some not so good news in regaurds to her heart and everything she’s going through there and we NEED these phones due to her ongoing health issues.

We have two more loads to go on the line and since dinner is almost done , and smells wonderful, its probably going to wait until after dinner.

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