Work, Work, Work

Yesterday, Kate had a foot doctor appointment and some shopping to do for her nephews birthday and while the doctor was of no help, we did get a chance to look around Wal-Mart. I tried on a size 16 dress and it fit! I’m super excited. I just wish my scale would stop being an asshole and stop weighing me in heavier than the doctor’s scales!

While we were in the waiting room of the doctor’s office we made a list of To-Do things go get the house done. Our dryer is still broken so we’ve been hanging cloths on the line. I have zero issues with this, but there are times that it would be nice to not have to go outside and fight with wet clothes. Anyway, we get home and after having some beef jerky for lunch and some McDonald’s Sweet Tea about an hour later we come home and get to work. We cleaned out the ‘storage’ room and got the living room mostly cleaned out, the bathroom totally cleaned out, floors swept and mopped and we ended up having left overs for dinner and kept right on cleaning. I ended up passing out after taking two tylenol and one ibprohen an hour later because I hurt so bad.

I fell asleep after reading some in 50 Shades of Grey. I never did finish reading it, and re-reading it I can see now how people can see the connection to Twilight.  I stopped reading it so I could read Wicked Appitite and Wicked Business from Janet Evanovich now that I am finished reading them I might start on Jenny Larson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Not sure yet. The last time I tried to read it I got inspired to write my phone life story..

At&t still hasn’t figured out what is wrong with the phones and they are probably going to end up sending new phones. I really love this phone and will competely accept a new phone of the same model but damn.I want my phone to work!

So today, I hung the cloths out to dry, and didn’t start a new load right away because I didn’t know if it was raining or not. It didn’t look  like it, but now looking at the window I’m not so sure. I started another load to be on the safe side and am waiting very patiently to be able to hang them out. Then I spent the rest of the day watching Glee, fixing blog issues and networking. Yay me.

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