The one with the phone, the kids, and the everything else.

So I had a phone that I put up on craigslist for trade for another smart phone. I listed the phones I would accept and that the phone was not for sale, but for trade for another phone that I wanted. I was tired of the phone I had since I could do just as much if now more with my tablet, and I really wanted to go back to Android or even go back to a Windows phone.
So I got an offer and it was a good offer so off I went to make the trade. The phone worked great and when I got home Mj said OMG you have a black Nokia Lumia 900? Can I trade you for my blue one? I said sure since I really liked the blue one and mine came with a pretty good Otterbox case (he’s hell on phones.) and we traded. We reset the phones, stuck our SIMS in it and nothing. Wifi worked but other than that the phones wouldn’t work. I got on the chat and 4 hours later and a 1.5 hour phone call later we got ordered new SIM chips. The next morning MJ goes to work and his phone works fine. I take Cory to work and my phone works. Huh. So I get on the chat again and this time this guy thinks its a MicroCell problem since we live in the middle of no where PA we have to run off the Microcell. So he tells me that he’s going to credit for a week of service because we can’t use the phones, and that he is checking the network. That’s fine. I pick MJ up from work and leave early because the sproglets were having a meltdown (D not P) and I called Mom to let her know what was going on and that I wasn’t dead. Picked MJ up and we came home and the same thing, the phones So I called At&t again and this time the agent said that when you switch phones you can no longer just switch phones and put your old SIM card in it, you have to get a NEW one. This sucks to be honest. We have been with out a phone for a few days, and thankfully I still have WIFI on our phones since they are Window’s Smart Phones… but still this should be public knowledge. We did confirm that we are getting new SIM cards mailed to us which is nice, but kind of stinks since we are going to town today and could just pick some up. *sigh*
The sproglets have been terrible the past few days. Screaming, meltdowns, flat out telling us no and calling us lairs when we try to tell them something. Nothing so far is working and we gotten to the point were its writing lines, doing extra math problems etc. I’ve gotten to the point where I refuse to talk to them if they have an attitude or they are raising their voices. I’ve also had a very bad headache the past few days.
Speaking of headaches, I went to the dentist to get checked out and he felt my jaw and BAM instant migraine. The dentist looked at the nurse, nodded and said ‘Moderate TMJ’. I went home and for the rest of the night I had a terrible headache. I picked up the kids and they started to scream right in my ear so I screamed right back to knock it off and to shut up until we hit the house. I made them right 10 times I will not raise my voice to my sister/brother or other adults unless its an emergency. That obviously didn’t work because they are still screaming at each other. And I still have a bad headache. 🙁
So while I’m loving my new phone, not liking the kids new found obsession to piss and stress out the adults… I am good and happy with life.

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